What Jim Rohn Taught Me About Network Marketing

Not the living, breathing business philosopher.

But the next best thing. Jim Rohn live on audiocassette.

If you have never listened to Jim Rohn, it's time. Jim Rohn is America's Foremost personal development coach. He helped struggling kids like Anthony Robbins and Mark Victor Hansen in their early years, long before they became superstars. Vic Conant (of Nightingale Conant fame) calls Jim Rohn 'a national treasure'. If he's an old favorite of yours, you'll resonate with this little story.

I woke up at 6:30 a.m., put on a pair of shorts and a t-shirt, an old hat, my sneakers, my sunglasses and grabbed the walkman. I pulled out the Randy Gage tape in there, and grabbed the first tape from my bookshelf. It was still in the plastic wrap, a single tape entitled "Jim Rohn Sampler". It had come as a free bonus with a recent order.

I started to walk. I'm at my country home this week, and summer has finally come. The air this early is a pleasant temperature, perhaps 23 Celsius with just enough crispness to make you enjoy every breath. I did my special yoga Breathwalk for 7 minutes as I ease into the walk. Jim Rohn's voice echoes through my head, and in a heartbeat I'm back to 1988.

I had the privilege to meet Jim Rohn in May of 1988. I was just 20 years old, and 2 months into my "year off" from med school. I was a distributor for a herbal weight-loss company and Mr. Rohn was the guest speaker at their Canadian convention.

I was broke. And not just financially. I had lousy time management skills, no confidence, poor listening and communication skills, and I was TERRIBLE with money. My little MLM business was floundering because I was floundering.

Back then I really had no idea who Jim Rohn was. I sat in a crowd of 3000 people and was mesmerized. He was the best speaker I had ever listened to. Although he was incredible motivating, he was not a typical 'motivational speaker'. He was more like all of my favorite high school teachers rolled into one. Jim Rohn spoke with passion, clarity and most importantly, with significance. His topics were relevant to me, even with my limited life experience at that time.

After the big convention, my sponsor www.kasinoid88.com, who was the #2 income earner in the country at that time, took me backstage. I got to shake hands with Jim Rohn and he paid me a compliment that I never forgot. He said, "David, I see a lot of potential in you. You're going to have to work harder on yourself than any other aspect of the business. You must strive to become a millionaire. Not for the money, but of who you will become in the process."

Today, listening to Jim Rohn's voice 15 years later, all I can tell you is that he was right. Absolutely 100% bang on. In order to become successful I had to learn to attract success. I had to learn to create something out of nothing by using the power of my subconscious imagination. I had to learn to turn imagination into action. I had to master the art of discipline. And the list goes on. And the lessons go on.

Meeting Jim Rohn was one of those "defining moments" for me personally that we get a few times in our life. He was the first person of significant authority, who believed more in me than I did in myself. It would take me 6 more years after that fateful meeting to begin to manifest any real semblance of success in my life. But I never quit working on myself. And little by little things began to happen.
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