Day Trading System - Which One Do I Choose?

Good question. With the sea of trading information available on the net it's easy to get lost and confused. You will find that much of the day trading offerings that you see are nothing more than hype.

Why is that? Basically advertising for day trading systems is designed to appeal to your emotions. If the advertisement can get you to imagine that for this small monthly fee you will receive information which will help you retire to your own lush tropical island, then your emotions have been appealed to.

Take a good long look at the ad. Does it contain glowing testimonials? These are designed to give credibility to the company or person being advertised. The testimonials are designed so that you will look at them and say, "Wow, I sure could use a $5,000 profit".

The testimonials will most likely display atypical profits designed to get you very excited about the product. This profit may be one that you and I are unlikely to achieve using the advertised methods.

Let me save you a ton of time, money, and grief as well as satisfy your curiosity. If there are no performance results then pass on signing up. Believe me if the overall results were extremely impressive the advertisers would certainly toot their own horn and display them in big bold letters and numbers.

You shouldn't even be interested in a free trial. It's the same thing as if someone asks you to go to an opportunity meeting without telling you what the opportunity meeting is about. If you follow the simple rule of passing on these hyped up kinds of advertisements you will find that there is a lot fewer appealing offerings than you originally thought.

Now there is another side to the coin. What if the day trading system you see advertised does have performance results listed? In that case you will need to know what to look for in those performance results. If all that is listed sounds resembles the following, "900% annual return" or "98%" winners then simply follow rule #1 - pass. A profit figure or the percentage of winners alone is not enough info for you to intelligently evaluate a day trading system.

Now that you are armed with some very basic screening information go out an take a look at what some vendors are offering. What percentage of them made the initial cut and will go on to the next round of your evaluation?

Evaluating potential day trading systems takes some time and effort and you may even get a little discouraged at first. What is worse though, feeling a little disappointed that there are far fewer decent offerings than you originally thought or losing money because you did not look before you leaped?
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