Start Investing: Get A Broker

So you have saved some money and you are now ready to put it to good use. The .5% you are collecting in your traditional bank account, or even your 3% return on your online savings account just isn't cutting it anymore. It's great that you are interested in investing and want to make more money.

Before you begin, you need to decide what type of investment you want to get. Are you going to buy stocks, bonds, real estate, mutual funds, or something else? Where you buy your investments will depend on what you are buying. For example, you can buy a bond at your bank or online through, but in order to buy stocks you need a broker.

Online brokerage firms are great for beginner investors and seasoned investors alike. You can place trades online at home as well as see the performance right on your own computer. Not too long ago, you had to call your broker when you wanted to buy or sell. Now that you can do it online, it has gotten a lot easier.

The online brokerage firm I use is Sharebuilder. I have been using them for about 2 years now and I have been pleased. It only costs $4 for each order. They have excellent service and even offer mutual funds if you aren't too stock choosing savvy.

Signing up is very simple. If you want to sign up with just visit the link at the end of this article. Signing up is easy. First, click through the link to get to the site. Go through the sign up process and fill out a few forms. You will have to either fax or mail copies of ID and verification. This is a good thing; it adds to the security of your account.

Sharebuilder is a very secure account. You have to log into your account with a password and you need more verification before you can place a trade. Also, they have the padlock in the browser when you're on the site. Make sure you see this next to the address bar to ensure your safety.

Once you have signed up and have everything verified, you are read to start investing. You can buy stocks on the third Tuesday of the month or opt to trade stocks more frequently for a little more cost. You can even set up an automatic investment plan so that you are investing on a regular basis. Waste no time, start investing now!

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